Kenya Beach Holiday


Kenya is full of surprises: just when you thought it was all about safaris and wildlife, you find out that it also has some of East Africa's greatest beaches and Indian Ocean island getaways.

Picture brilliant blue water lapping against fine white sand - an invitation to stretch out and soak up the sun. When the mood takes you, pick up a snorkel or set sail on a dhow; Kenya beaches are lined with protective coral reefs creating ideal waters for swimming, sailing, watersports, and - for the more adventurous - diving and snorkelling.

There is also drama: Kenya's warm tropical waters, especially around Diani, are famous for hosting migrating whale sharks, the gentle giants of the ocean. Whale shark safaris run between October and April and give you the chance to see these magnificent creatures in an unspoilt environment.

The Kenya coast is so easy to experience. From Diani, through Mombasa and Malindi and north to the islands of Lamu Archipelago, there’s a wide range of Kenya beach holiday destinations to choose from: bustling activity-packed resorts will appeal to families and fun-in-the-sun lovers while the more intimate and exclusive island lodges are perfect for honeymooners and romantics.

But don't worry if you can't decide between a wildlife safari and a beach vacation: the beauty of Kenya is that it's simple to arrange a safari and beach holiday combination. Smooth-running logistics and tried-and-tested destinations make for hassle-free and rewarding itineraries - simply browse our range of holidays and safaris or just ask one of our African Safari Experts to tailor-make the perfect package for you.


Your skydiving experience starts with a short brief from one of our instructors before you are ready to take on the skies at 12,000 feet. After getting geared up, you board the airplane for a 15 minute scenic flight and can enjoy the beautiful view as you climb to altitude. While you approach the exit point, you will be securely attached to the front of your instructor, and then start moving towards the doorway of the plane. Wind is blasting and your heart will be pounding with excitement as you hang your feet outside the aircraft and look at the ground over 3,600 meters below.

Ready… Set… GO!!

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At about 5000 feet your main parachute is deployed, and you can catch your breath while enjoying a spectacular 5 minute canopy ride back to earth.
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Location: Diani


Exceptional snorkeling conditions in Watamu Marine National Park allow all visitors easy access to the spectacular undersea life. Whether a newcomer to the sea, or an experienced diver, you'll be able to find some exciting things to do.

The Marine Park is about 5 kms long from North to South and approximately 1 km from the shore to the fringing reefs. Snorkelling conditions are ideal at low tide, and especially good at spring low tide.

The North part is where the main hotels (Ocean Sports, Hemingways, Turtle Bay Beach Club and Blue Bay Village) are, and during high season it is the main mooring spot for fishing, diving and leisure boats. Here you find excellent snorkeling at the Larder, Turtle Reef and the Pothole.

The central part of the Park is the hot spot for snorkeling at the Coral Gardens, where there is a string of buoys where boat operators can tie up, whilst you snorkel in very safe conditions.

The main coral gardens are concentrated in a small, 500m long area. There are hundreds of beautiful coral reef fish here which leave you awestruck and dazzled by their vibrant colours.

If you are really lucky, you may see a sea turtle, a guitarfish or large grouper.

The South end of the park is by the mouth of Mida Creek. These waters can be treacherous due to the tidal wash from the creek, both in and out, so you need to know the Creek and be an experienced snorkeler. The famous Mida Creek Caves are found here. Giant Grouper have been spotted here - huge 200lb fish that will look you in the eye and dare you any closer.

Location: Watamu Marine National Park

Scuba Diving

Dive from Mombasa to experience the clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean and you might bump into whale sharks or manta rays which love to frequent these nutrient rich waters.

Deep Sea Fishing

Mombasa has been a hub for fishing for a long time. There are 2 main ports you can do deep sea fishing from, Tudor Creek and Mtwapa creek. Excellent well managed boats and skippers are available year round. Common catches are Bonito, skipjack tuna, yellow fin tuna, barracuda, dorado, trevally and in season the sail fish and even marlin are commonly hooked. Most responsible boats now have a tag and release program that allows certain species, especially bill fish to be released after being brought alongside the boat. Apart from Mombasa fishing there is also the option to transfer down to Shimoni which is considered Kenya premier marlin fishing grounds, and is where most of the All Africa records were caught. 

Location: Kenyan Coast

Kite and Wind Surfing

Windsurfing:  There is a range of board and sails available Boards range form a 2.6 meter training sail, to the more advanced 6.5 meter sails. We offer a one hour basic lesson which is the minimum pre-requisite for all persons without prior experience wanting to use this equipment. We also offer a three hour advanced lesson.

Kite Surfing: Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is considered one of the fastest growing extreme water sports today. There are a number of Kite surfing school on the beautiful shores of Kenya, most of them perfectly located  on the whitest, widest stretch of beach on the North Coast … still close to all the action in Mombasa, with easy access to the Safari circuit.

Location: Southeast coast


Mombasa South

Just south of Mombasa is the famous Diani beach, one of the most renowned on the East African Coast, with its long, soft, white sand making it a tropical paradise. There is also an offshore reef which is ideal for snorkelling and as this also keeps the waves low it is an ideal beach for paddling and swimming. There are many exclusive hotels situated on the beach: Afrochic, a boutique hotel, Asha Cottages a seafront property with 5 exclusive guest rooms, Msambweni Beach House a family owned beach property, Leopard Beach and Sands at Nomad both with spas, Alfajiri Villas and Southern Palms situated on the beach and Tijara Beach which has its own private beach. The more remote and quieter Galu Beach is a few miles south of Diani and Pinewood Village provides excellent accommodation and activities. On Funzi Island, an unspoilt island off the coast is Funzi Keys and on Chale Island is Sands at Chale.
Mombasa North
The beaches just north of Mombasa are popular with overseas visitors to Kenya wanting a tropical beach holiday. The North Coast is linked by a road bridge to Mombasa town and offers a variety of activities, restaurants and nightlife. With many hotels to choose from our recommended hotels are Voyager Beach Resort situated on Nyali Beach and Mombasa Serena at Shanzu.
Watamu Bay
Watamu is located north of Mombasa, near Malindi. This is one of Kenya’s finest beaches and the site of a Marine National Park offering excellent snorkelling and scuba diving. The nearby Arabuku Sokoke forest is a bird watchers paradise and the extensive inland Mida Creek hosts a wide variety of splendid birdlife. Within Watamu Marine National Park is the Hemingways Resort, a 78 bed hotel. On the outskirts of Watamu Marine National Park is the Turtle Bay Beach Club, which is Kenya’s first all-inclusive beach resort.
The area of Malindi lies on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast approximately 120 km north of Mombasa. Synonymous with idyllic tropical beaches, Malindi is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a safari tour. Visitors can access Malindi Marine Park and Reserve and its magnificent lagoons, coral gardens, sea grass beds, mangroves and diverse sealife including dolphins, turtles and various bird species. The fascinating “Hell’s Kitchen” and Arabuko Sokoke Forest are also within reach.
Lamu Island
Lamu is a small island off the north-east coast of Kenya. The waterfront Swahili town of Lamu is made up of historic Arabic-style buildings and narrow bustling streets. There are no cars on the island and Lamu is untouched by mass tourism.

The choice of hotels includes Kijani House which is a small attractive hotel situated on the Shela Channel, Peponi Hotel, a family run hotel with sea views. There are private holiday homes, The Shela Houses and also secluded chalets available at Kipungani Explorer. Beach hotels on Manda Island include Diamond Beach Village, Manda Bay and The Majlis.

Kenya’s weather in general

Kenya lies on the equator and has a pleasant tropical climate, but there are large regional climatic variations influenced by several factors, including altitude. Temperatures drop by about 6°C for every 1000m you climb (or 3.5°F per 1000ft). Kenya’s daytime temperatures average between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F, but it is warmer on the coast. The coast is hot and humid all year round, but the heat is pleasant and tempered by the monsoon winds. Kenya is too close to the equator to experience a real winter and summer. There is, however, both a dry and Wet season.
Dry season - June to October

June, July, August, September & October - These are the coldest months. Temperatures vary significantly per region and with their difference in altitude. Daytime temperatures are usually around 23°C/73°F at higher altitudes, like the Masai Mara, and 28°C/82°F at lower altitudes, like the coastal areas. During the Dry season the sky is clear and days are sunny. Early morning temperatures at higher altitude are typically 10°C/50°F. It is advised to pack warm clothing as morning game drives in open vehicles will be cold. There is very little rain in most of the country so these are the least humid months, making this the best time to stay at one of Kenya's beautiful beaches.
Wet season - November to May

During the Wet season daytime temperatures are between 24°C/75°F and 27°C/81°F at higher altitudes. At lower altitudes daytime temperatures are more consistent and hover at 30°C/86°F. Mornings stay pretty cool at higher altitude and it is advised to pack warm clothes for early morning game drives in open vehicles. From December to April the humidity is intense in Tsavo and coastal areas.

November & December - ‘Short rains’ - A period of unpredictable, short rains between November and December lasts about a month. The rain is sometimes heavy, but mostly falls in the late afternoon or evening and will seldom have a real negative impact on your safari.

January & Februay - During these months a dry spell in the rainy season occurs and it rains less. How long the spell lasts and when it takes place, exactly, is unpredictable.

March, April & May - ‘Long rains’ - These months get the most rain and it can downpour on a daily basis, although seldom the whole day. It’s very cloudy especially in the highlands, including Aberdare NP and the Laikipia Plateau parks. Humidity is higher and will be particularly noticeable in the coastal regions.