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Lion Sands - Tinga Lodge

Kruger National Park


Accommodation at Lion Sands Tinga Lodge is provided in suites at one of the two luxury lodges, Narina and Tinga, set against the confluence of two impressive rivers. Suites are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, heated plunge pools, satellite televisions, mini-bar and safe, hairdryer, and a private deck overlooking the Sabie River.


Kruger Park plays host to a vast, free roaming array of impressive mammals, including Burchell's zebra, African buffalo, impala, lion, black and white rhino, cheetah, leopard, elephant, and hippopotamus, as well as various reptiles and water creatures, and five hundred and seventeen distinct bird species.


Location: South Africa-->Kruger National Park-->Kruger Park Private Concessions
Accommodation Type: Lodge

Special offer: 2 Free Nights in Cape Town!!

Book three nights at Lion Sands Tinga Lodge and receive two nights absolutely free at a luxury Cape Town Boutique Hotel

Terms and Conditions:

Valid from  the 11 January 2016 - 17 December 2016 and 4-10 January 2017 and subject to availability of rooms.

Maximum 2 rooms/4 guests

The Kruger National Park is widely recognised as one of the largest game reserves on the African continent - measuring in at 18,989 square kilometers, it boasts nine gate, and an exhaustive ecosystem. The reserve itself is available (and popular for) self driving, and is well loved the world over as a place of adventure.

Making its charming mark in one of the denser predator habitats of the Kruger, Lion Sands Tinga Lodge occupies a beautiful 5000 hectare, left open to its guests and to the exciting wildlife that frequent the area - a truly exclusive experience. Added to this is the lodge's uninhibited access to the surrounding Kruger Park's road networks and, subsequently, it's rich, historical sites and buildings.